137 Days: A Reflection

Travel moves you. Sure, it’s a stupid cliche but something in me changed over the last 5 months. Before I left I felt hopeless, a failure. I sat around wondering if I jumped the gun on finishing college to early, if I made the right decision on my degree, if I would in fact be the successful person I envisioned. It was hard being stuck … Continue reading 137 Days: A Reflection

Thai Iced Tea

Let’s talk about one of Thailand’s most famous exports, the one drink that has come to define a Thai food experience in nearly every country around the world. An order that brings out a large glass, cup, drinking apparatus lovingly filled to the brim with what I can only explain as sweet, orange deliciousness; a secret and unknown liquid of a far east concoction, something … Continue reading Thai Iced Tea

Student Travel Guide: Antwerp, Belgium

For me, Antwerp is the mecca of Belgium. It is the city to be in, dine in and take in the beauties that Belgium has to offer. For whatever reason, Antwerp seems to always fall behind other Belgian cities such as Brussels, Bruges and Ghent as the best places to visit in the country. This has no reflection on Antwerp as a city at all, … Continue reading Student Travel Guide: Antwerp, Belgium

Student Travel Guide: San Sebastián, Spain

The Basque Country remains as one of the largest nations in the world without a state. You can feel it here. Look around the ancient streets in any of the cities, large of small, and you can see graffiti, signs and symbols referring to the Basque independence and the importance of the movement. The Basque people are proud of their heritage and would hate to … Continue reading Student Travel Guide: San Sebastián, Spain

Student Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city you have to visit, simple as that. It is world renowned for its beautiful sites, its delicious bites and its lively nightlife tucked convenintely on the Mediterranean coast. The weather is great year round, the beer is always cold and it is a much cheaper option than many other European cities of the same caliber. My time in Barcelona was quick … Continue reading Student Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

The Secret to Affordable Long Term Travel

Travel is what you make of it. It certainly is about the experience, but it is presupposed on the experience that you want to have. I have made choices in my life and they have left me here, enjoying a painfully slow 15 hour layover in Moscow, Russia. For most that sounds strange, but for me that has become part of my everyday life. Travel … Continue reading The Secret to Affordable Long Term Travel


As of today I have been in the Basque country for a total of nearly two weeks, San Sebastian=Donostia to be exact. I have learned some very important things not only about Spain during my time here but about about the people that refer to themselves as Spanish. Spain for many Americans seems like a unilateral identity. My friends you could not be more wrong. … Continue reading Pintxos